the first look

Soulmates exist whether you believe it or not. They don't just appear, but rather they are relationships built overtime. One soul, fused with another over time. From the first look that they gave each other at the beginning of the session, one could easily see that these two were soulmates. There is an intangible history & intimacy that can be felt through their gaze towards one another.

the moment paused

As we made our way through the engagement session, we found a moment to sit in the middle of this dry riverbed. Normally water would be flowing here, fresh from the falling rain up in the mountains. We found a way to pause the moment, cause the sun to slowdown and fill the riverbed with their emotions. There is just something about the simplicity of smiles in the sunlight.

the fading light

The sun is wild, and it belongs to no one. We are only lucky enough to have it's warmth for a few hours each day before it's light fades into the horizon. As Rex & Jennifer walk along the shore, their footprints also fade away as the ocean washes it away. It is a romantic thing to know that moments are fleeting. Knowing this causes you to seize each moment you have to the best of your ability. Reach out and hold that moment. Hands express what the heart already knows.

Thank you

Rex & Jennifer, I am so happy that this isn't the last time I get to work with you. I am looking forward to your wedding coming up this year. Seeing you both open up & express your love for one another was an amazing sight to capture on my camera. You guys did amazing. Thank you for your patience and your willingness to listen to my suggestions and leading. I can't wait for the big day! - Aaron Najera