Maternity is the start of motherhood.

When Jena & Koa inquired on if I'd consider being hired for a maternity shoot, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at the thought...I was extremely nervous. That meant this would be the start of a new venture in my own photography life. So after my little surprise inquiry, I mustered up the courage and we began planning. Being a husband and father myself, I had a clear picture that maternity shoots were a bit more delicate. Maternal women have great strength, wisdom and protection over their womb.

Shooting weddings on the island of Maui was already a big stepping stone for me, one that a Maui landscape photographer, like myself, never thought I would take. However, I needed to start stepping out onto my own milestones and showcase my strengths in capturing the joyous emotions of excited expectant parents. I was glad to witness the start of Jena's motherly nature as she made certain to inform me that she and Koa had total faith and trust in my ability to capture these photos that she had envisioned.

Growing and glowing with the sunset.

Upon our initial conversation, we were able to further discuss Jena & Koa's ideal shoot location. A secluded beach that frames Hawaiian island sunsets is definitely not difficult to find here. And just like the sudden kicks of a growing baby in the womb, the sunlight grew stronger as the rays highlighted the beautiful parental expressions just before the sun suddenly disappeared into the ocean. This experience of shooting maternity photos allowed me to grow further in my photography skills and the glow that exuded from this nurturing & loving couple will forever be captured for their little one to cherish.


Hair + Makeup: Natily Taguding