Memories for the years to come.

I remember thumbing through my grandparent's old shoe boxes full of black & white photographs and sepia-toned memories.

Being able to look back on past moments in our life help to ground us and remind us of what matters most in life.

One of the most important things we can leave behind for our future generations is a treasure trove

of photographs that remind them that they are loved and that they will never be alone.

Lifestyle Collection 2024:

Ohana Mini Session

I recommend the Ohana Mini Session for smaller families, and couples who have newborn babies or adult children. During the initial consult, I like to figure out the groupings with my clients so that I can custom-tailor the experience for each unique family.

What’s Included:
30 minutes photo coverage
Single photographer
Single location

Ohana Full Session

This package was created for big families. I recommend this full session for families who have a lot of couples and children. During the consult, I like to work with families to figure out the best groupings for each shot. I know that each family is unique so I custom tailer the experience for each client.

What’s Included:
1 hour photo coverage
Single photographer
Single location permit


Arban Ohana

“Aaron had done an exceptional job keeping channels of communication open. He was accepting and pleased with my suggestions and my requests, and he also threw in some opinions based on his professional experiences. On the day of the session, he happily followed my schedule and came up with adorable poses. When the photos came...our families were so deeply pleased and happy with how they came out. Aaron captured real/raw moments of genuine laughter and created a really comfortable and natural atmosphere.”

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