From Desert Rocks to Black Rock

There truly is an awe-inspiring power that draws one towards Black Rock, Ka'anapali. Madelyn "Maddie" and Dillon placed a shifting pause on their new adventure to live, work, and marry in Arizona, and gravitated towards an island tropical adventure further down south.

On August 24th, 2021, the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Dillon Hake gathered their closest friends and family to witness the commitment of lasting love and symbolic union towards one another in Hawai'i at Sheraton Maui Resort, Ka'anapali. In Maddie's words: "What the heck, we've always wanted to go to Hawaii...why not just celebrate this big transition in life by doing this awesome thing."

Maddie used one of Ka'anapali Resort's newly renovated rooms, The Ali'i Suite Lanai, as her stepping stone to leave behind her single self and step into her wedding dress in becoming a bride. It was such a breathtaking moment when Maddie was all dressed up and waited eagerly by the window, gazing out over the Pacific towards the sister islands of Lana'i and Moloka'i. Her simple wedding vision was brought together so elegantly with a classic ivory white gown, soft white veil, and pearl white orchids cascading down from the all-white rose bouquet. You could sense the excitement emerging from her heart being filled with love and emotion by the surroundings of her grandmother, mother, and gal pals.

Standing on a Firm Foundation

The Sheraton Ali'i Lawn which overlooks all of Ka'anapali Beach was the ideal backdrop to enhance the simple, laid-back wedding vision that this classy couple expressed. From the bridal suite, the ceremony was only a few steps away...Maddie and Dillon were able to stand face-to-face exchanging vows on this magical island rock called Mau'i. This Maui Resort presents the perfect secluded ambiance to create a beautiful, picturesque ceremony outdoors in the salty ocean air. With exclusively the gorgeous bride and handsome groom standing amongst their loved ones, there wasn't the need to fill the altar with a dressed-up bridal party since the couple stood amongst the beauty of lush gardens and turquoise ocean waters. Maddie's charming and lovely mother had proudly walked her daughter down the grass aisle towards her uncle who honorably officiated the ceremony. It was such a pleasure capturing these simple, yet fun-filled moments coordinated by A Dream Wedding Maui.

Steppingstones to Happiness

It was time to take the newlyweds on an exploration walk, discovering perfect spots to photograph their unified love and undivided attention towards one another. I guided them all around the Sheraton, uncovering all the intimate nooks and crannies to capture sweet, romantic interactions at. Next, I guided the bride and groom to a cliffside on Puu Kekaa (Black Rock) conveniently by the resort to showcase their dashing wedding attire on this solid rock that Maddie and Dillon specifically chose to start a life together on. With the perfect amount of simplicity and exoticness, I witnessed a successful wedding that this couple created. "Happiness is a place between too much and too little." - Finnish Proverb

No Stone Unturned

The bride and groom enjoyed a refreshing evening of heartfelt speeches expressed by their best friends and caring mothers. Great advice, wonderful memories and tears with laughter were brought out to air. You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a ticket to Maui...That's about the same thing! I can say that everyone's palettes were happy from some ono (delicious) Hawaiian-inspired food and bubbly drinks. These joyful wedding celebrants danced and sang the night away to Abba with the astonishing island views as an audience. All I could say from all the fun and excitement presented before me was "Mama Mia, here we go again..."

Local Vendors:

Photography: Aaron Najera Photography

Venue: Sheraton Maui Resort

Coordination: A Dream Wedding Maui

Coconut Vendor: The Catered Coconut