Bride's side or Groom's side?

How about, "not necessary". Can a simple moment of commitment truly be elevated and shared amongst only yourselves and your immediate family? YES! Just as Candice & Kevin have proven with their quick adjustments to make their dream Maui Wedding. With the bride, Candice's, exceptional attention to detail, each piece chosen for their wedding coincidentally matched Lona Ridge's classical luxurious furnishings with perfect color palette and style. The owner of this gorgeous Maui venue, Leona, strongly carries an eye for fashion within her resume and her heavenly, secluded home sitting within Mauna Kahalawai is the exact venue to showcase any dream Hawai'i Wedding. With a passion to capture every wedding detail from cuff links to wedding bands, beautiful florals provided by Fernhouse Flowers, to elegant dress & shoes from Maui's own Elly's Formal Wear, Candice made my role exciting and of great ease with her complimentary style. My best photos of the details from Candice & Kevin's wedding day were only heightened due to everything being at my fingertips ready for perfect shots.

The Long Ridge House against a backdrop of green mountains in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Small details, Big reactions

Where did I hear that grandpa knows best? Hmm. I never did...until now. With a simple invite from a grandparent to attend their home church one Sunday morning, little did they know that they would find each other there. And after my initial conversation with this local Maui couple, I wouldn't have second-guessed how strong and deep their family values were. So as Candice drew me a vision of how family-oriented the ceremony & reception were to be, I was ready to take shots that displayed their love of family. I even caught a shot of the couple's dog, which was in the form of the bride's surprise gift to Kevin, cuff links. She also included a footnote (actually a short love note written on the sole of the groom's shoe). This display of affection is only the start of how their small Maui wedding will lead to a household full of love and admiration.

Intimate and beautiful

Due to this pandemic, the couple had to scurry, with the help of one of the best Maui Wedding Coordinators, Maui Love Weddings, to make proper adjustments from their fully planned out dream wedding with a different venue established and edit towards an intimate, naturally quiet venue with a smaller capacity of guests and shorter timeframe. You wouldn't imagine that changes were previously made since the execution was flawless and simply ideal. I can honestly say that minimonies, although small in terms, can still produce a grandeur experience. And just as the island views from this romantic Maui venue produced a panoramic display over the island, to witness it from 1,200 ft above sea level and take in the sights of gorgeous rainbows, what more can you ask for in a genuinely organic wedding backdrop. The beautiful bride was glowing, thanks to Hair + Makeup stylist Ry-n Shimabuku, as she glided down the aisle with each step to the musical notes Jason Arcilla played on his guitar. And sweet touches of the decadent cake & romantic calligraphy provided by Baked by Krystal-lyn & Mikala Designs.

Pop, Fizz, Cheers

To the bride and groom! What better way to celebrate these newlyweds than with a bottle of champagne? And then wash off any spills with a dip in the pool. Just kidding, they didn't do that. Capturing this loving couple's interactions was fun, joyous, romantic, and truly a blessing. Thank you, Candice & Kevin, for allowing me to witness and create forever moments for you both to look back at and cherish.


Attire: Elly's Formal Wear

Cake: Baked by Krystal-lyn

Calligraphy: Mikala Designs

Coordination: Maui Love Wedding

Floral: Fernhouse Flowers

Hair + Makeup: Ry-n Shimabuku

Musician: Jason Arcilla

Rentals: Let's Entertain Maui

Venue: Lona Ridge

Videography: Yasha Ronquillo