Once Upon a Time

Amidst the digital age, a young man and youthful lady met for the first time at a weathered, yet endearing, tavern - or as they called it, 'an old rusty bar'. Carried by the dreams flickering in their youthful gaze, they ventured on a path to shape a future steeped in academic and professional triumphs. Eight years later, they found themselves uniting in their next aspiration – to orchestrate their dream Maui wedding, to illuminate a path towards their own version of ‘happily ever after.’ With their relationship starting at an old rusty venue, their wedding seemingly fit to continue in theme at a vibrant, lovingly restored backdrop of the Maui Tropical Plantation decorated with old rusty sugar mill parts.


Before Kiana, the bride, could exchange first looks with Brian, her groom, there were preparations to be made. They gathered with their bridal party at a quaint rental home called Villa by the Cove in Kihei, Hawaii and kept the elements of surprise at a distance with hallways and walls separating one another. Amelia Hair & Makeup artistically transformed Kiana. The bride then donned an elegant, floral lace mermaid gown and paired that with nuanced pearl jewelry. Being their Maui Wedding Photographer, capturing every nuance of this special occasion was incumbent upon me. As part of her radiant transformation, Kiana wanted to stun her bridesmaids with her final silhouette as a glowing bride. The resultant burst of delight from her closest friends and sibling was the sort that could only emanate from the heart of those who have your best interests at heart. The bride’s anticipation brimmed over as she prepared to exchange her first glimpse with her groom, Brian.

Love at First Sight

At the enchanting white gazebo nestled within the Maui Tropical Plantation, an air of anticipation enveloped Brian as he waited for the much-anticipated unveiling of his bride. My eyes filled with excitement to capturing these initial moments of heartfelt reactions. This Garden Gazebo is tucked away secluded amongst a multitude of Hawaiian flora next to a live duck lagoon. It felt very peaceful and serene. I am always captivated by the unabashed authenticity and intimacy of couples on their wedding day; there’s a certain magic when they steal away from the celebratory clamor to share a moment of pure connection. And so, when Kiana delicately approached Brian from behind and hugged him, his emotions soared. In this poignant moment, they caught their first glimpse of each other as husband and wife. But before their rustic Hawaiian ceremony got underway, another special first look took place between Kiana and her father. As Mr. Adlawan emerged from the corner of the plantation’s tranquil lake, a spectacle of stunning tropical foliage waving him on, his joy knew no bounds at the sight of his beloved daughter, soon to take on the new name of Mrs. Brian Scanlan.

I Will Love You Forever

At the enchanting white gazebo ensconced within Maui Tropical Plantation, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air as Brian awaited the unveiling of his bride. The gazebo, hidden amongst an array of tropical flora and adjacent to a vibrant duck pond, housed a serene atmosphere that I was eager to capture. There’s a unique magic when couples steal secluded moments on their wedding day, moments of unfiltered connection and intimacy. The profound emotion and love that welled up in Brian as Kiana tenderly approached him were awe-inspiring. This heralded their first glimpse as a married couple, but before their rustic Hawaiian wedding ceremony could commence, another crucial moment unfolded. The memorable first look between Kiana and her father took place against the backdrop of a tranquil lake, amidst a grand display of tropical foliage, his face radiating uncontainable happiness at the sight of his daughter, soon to become Mrs. Brian Scanlan.

I'll Like You For Always

On April 30th, 2022, Maui Love Weddings expertly orchestrated the wedding celebration at Maui Tropical Plantation in Wailuku, Hawaii. Imbued with the charm and spirit of ‘Old Hawaii,’ the Mango Grove served as the perfect backdrop for the occasion, enclosed by the grandeur of the West Maui Mountains. The overcast sky proved to be an ideal setting for stunning photography. Brian, escorted by his parents, solemnly proceeded down the rustic red aisle towards the Kupuna, ready to perform the officiating duties. Meanwhile, Kiana delicately graced the aisle on her father’s arm, followed by charming flower girls. Maui Palm Tree Floral added an authentic Hawaiian touch, adorning the bride and her bridesmaids with exotic bouquets made from native flora. They also decorated the wooden altar with these vibrant blooms, forging a perfect blend of tradition, nature, and celebration. The officiant donned traditional Hawaiian attire as he ceremonially blew into the conch shell, marking the beginning of the wedding rituals.

As Long As I'm Living...My Love You'll Be

Voicing her dream, Kiana hoped for an event characterized by genuine smiles and candid interaction coupled with their closest family and friends. Brian yearned for a memorable celebration where everyone had a fantastic time and a few unforgettable pictures of their beautiful journey as a married couple. Before the newlyweds could join the celebration it was imperative to take time to photograph themselves throughout the beautiful scenes of lagoon, fields and mountains within the plantation. This venue is one of my most desired wedding locations due to the ease of finding natural light, shade, vibrant colors and an abundance of greens. It complimented almost any wedding theme and style. I liked how Brian and Kiana were so comfortable with their poses that the flow of the photo shoot didn't hinder them from enjoying the new memories they were creating on this day.

The Sugar Room at the Maui Tropical Plantation held the wedding reception with great enthusiasm and excitement. Brian's best man, his brother, started the joyful laughs with his toast, as Kiana's maid of honor, her sister, gave the heartfelt tearful speech. Both the fathers of the bride and groom gave warm, sincere toasts, as well. The mother of the bride graced the couple and their guests with a special wedding hula. The majority of guests danced the night away with their beloved wedding couple. A great relationship doesn't happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.