Flourishing into a Bride

Our couple's story began in an oddly delightful way - a carefree local Hawaiian beauty and a Japanese baseball player raised on Hawaiian soil. Their initial encounters consisted of a series of missed swings before a triumphant homerun which finally guided them to their dreamy plateau - matrimony. Edison's unwavering focus and relentlessness in pursuing his intense attraction to the diligent Ashley eventually played out well with strategic moves on this love battlefield. It was evident that his discipline forged through baseball was equally beneficial for this particular game of hearts, as he navigated the field of Ashley's reserved demeanor of playing hard-to-get. 

As their big day dawned, Ashley prepared herself in a delightful cottage nestled in expansive farmlands of Kula, Hawaii. Her gleeful anticipation was mirrored in her wide-eyed gaze, as she looked across the verdant landscape, seeking the sight of her intended, Edison Sakata. Inside this cozy bed and breakfast doubling as the bridal suite, her youthful entourage busily prepared themselves, fueled by the jubilant rhythm of local Hawaiian melodies that danced from wall to wall. A picturesque setting where the bride’s excitement, surrounded by the fervor of her bridesmaids, mirrors the popping fizz of the toasting champagne, and the comforting radiance of the crackling fireplace – all precursors to a quick spirited drink to maintain their warmth for the day’s festivities.

Bathing in the freedom of nature, Edison and his groomsmen readied themselves amidst the elements of the Hawaiian outdoors. A camouflaged tent, erected on the sprawling estate of Ashley’s beloved grandmother, provided shelter for the gentlemen and their chosen attire. The camaraderie was palpable, with effusive salutations and toasts exchanged, accompanied by their tradition of chewing sunflower seeds prior to their imminent celebration.

An Idyllic Ceremony

In the radiant Hawaiian sun of Maui, their wedding day in Waiohuli, Kula was drenched in balmy breezes and divine light. These sublime conditions captured the resplendent floral altar magnificently, standing regally against the vivid backdrop of the azure Pacific Ocean. “To give love, one must truly understand love”, a sentiment that the couple embodies. Their celebration showcased ‘pilina’, a Hawaiian expression Ashley used to define her vision, signifying relationships – a testament to their roots in nourishing relationships and the profound connection among their select gathering.

As the ceremony commenced, Edison indulged in a heartfelt moment with his mother and sister, fondly remembering his father with a cherished childhood photograph. His raw emotions spilled out, and his tear-filled eyes met Ashley’s as she elegantly proceeded down the aisle. As they stood at their altar officiated by Ashley’s adored grandmother, their journey into a shared life began, punctuated by their first marital kiss amidst exuberant local cheers of “chee-hoos”.

Celebrating Commitment

Following their vows, the newlyweds and their entourage ventured towards a favored Upcountry vista. This captivating spot, where their engagement was immortalized, served as a naturally stunning backdrop. Two classic automobile gems, provided by doting uncles, offered impressive visual features to their ideal portraits. A cherry-red Porsche matched the bride’s captivating aura, while a gun-metal El Camino amplified Edison’s masculine allure.

The couple and their eager retinue exploited the scenic locale and effervescent atmosphere to recount their story through our lenses. Strolling down a path lined by stone walls with verdant fields as their canvas, we encapsulated the charm of the couple, their entourage, and the delight of their flower girls in pictorial memories.

A Reception to Remember

The golden reception that greeted the newly christened Mr. and Mrs. Edison Sakata was bathed in the warmth of the setting Maui sun. The ambiance radiated with spirits high on joy and entertainment, as the couple’s genuine affection unfolded effortlessly. Their thoughtful and symbolic gifts, Ashley’s lavish hula dance and Edison’s oceanic oar, sowed seeds of their devotion. The vivacious celebration was transformed by live performances from friends and family, invigorating the crowd, unmasking hidden dance fervor, and strengthening the relationships within.

Thank you!

Ashley & Edison, it was my absolute pleasure to work with you both. I remember when we first met together at Stillwell's bakery over a cup of coffee. Listening to your journey together as a couple, hearing about the plans and vision you have for your wedding...it blows me away to sit here and see that it all came to pass. You two embraced your day with grace and excitement and it was a joy to be around you both. Your bridal party was amazing and I had a lot of fun working with each one. I appreciate the aloha that your friends and family showed me and my second photographer. Thank you for allowing me the creative freedom to capture your wedding the way I know best. I look forward to working with you both in the future. Thank you for trusting me with your day.


Aaron Najera

Blog Written & Edited by Aaron & Gail Najera