It's All About the Details

While everyday experiences are often spontaneous, a wedding day demands meticulous attention to detail. Each element of Kelsey and William’s Maui Wedding, from the sparkle of the ring to the delicate aroma of the flowers, the graceful elegance of the shoes, the sweetness of the cake, and the evocative power of the music, was at once flawless and distinctively personal. It felt so effortless to artistically capture the unfolding of this tropical wedding in preserving each handpicked component and natural occurrence.

Upon my arrival at the beauty of Olowalu Plantation House located in Maui, Hawai’i, the team from Exclusive Island Weddings extended a warm aloha, their serene efficiency humming amidst the final preparations. My camera gravitated towards the sweetheart table, an alluring display of elegantly carved woodwork adorned with vibrant floral swag and centerpieces, nestled under an open canopy of draped white linen. The ceremonial space in the reception area was a visual delight – brimming with vibrant hues of tropical flora upon meticulous white accents. These spirited bouquets seemed more than accents; they symbolized pure love, joy, and personality with each radiant color. Awaiting the arrival of the joyous couple, I captured images of the interior space of the plantation house, cleverly positioning the kaleidoscopic bouquets to pay homage to their maiden significance.  

The bride arrived, dressed in white lace loungewear, with her demeanor amplified by the high spirits of her entourage retreating to the bridal suite. Hair and make-up, already flawlessly done by Meili Autumn Beauty, elicited awe and admiration. As the champagne-popping ensued, the moment offered a look at the bride’s final preparations. Not only was it important to merely capture her wedding attire from head to toe, but also to encapsulate the intangible essence of her Juicy Couture perfume. As her bridesmaids, all dressed in shades of gold, added a golden hue to the room, the luminous bride was buttoned up in her elegant gown with the loving attention of her mother’s touch. It was only a matter of time before her father’s first glimpse of his stunning daughter added heartfelt tears to the touching scene.

Dress You Up in My Love

Meanwhile, taking leave from his fashionably appointed groomsmen, William stood at the shoreline with his gaze fixed solemnly on the deep blue horizon. Subtle hints of Kelsey’s perfume wafted across the whispering sea breeze confirming her approach behind him. As she gingerly touched his shoulder, William spun around stylishly dressed in a sky-blue jacket accented with personalized embroidered cuffs peeking out. Stunned by her radiance, their intimate affection was palpable, beloved smiles exchanged, and shared laughter over his light-hearted decision to don Sponge Bob Square Pants-themed socks accompanying his pink print suit inlay. Kelsey, wearing a Madonna-inspired corset gown accentuated by gentle lace straps, teetered on her elegant lace heels rimmed with delicate pearls which also sparkled in her hair, the blush in her cheeks echoing the warm love in her heart. After sharing a few whispered words and exchanging silky touches of caresses, their private moment was sealed with velvet kisses, elegantly captured against the sweeping backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and towering palm trees.

The wedding entourage gathered amidst the lush foliage of this iconic venue, not merely to strike dramatic poses but to unite in support and joy for the forthcoming nuptials. As their Maui Wedding Photographer, I intended to capture photos of the wedding couple and their entourage before and after the vow exchange to reveal genuine expressions of sheer anticipation.

Crazy For You

The intrigue in a love story often originates from the intimate details - the chance meeting, the growing affection, the memorable proposal, and of course, the wedding day itself. But the most enchanting part lies in the solemnity of the vows and the promises of unity.

Standing under an elegantly draped arch by the ocean, the couple chose a dear friend of William’s, suited in the same blue and pink color scheme, to preside over this matrimonial ceremony. These little details made grand gestures. With heartfelt embrace of shared dreams enveloping them, they expressed their eternal commitment to each other by a symbolic merging of sands from their humble Wisconsin roots with those from the exotic island of Maui. Drawing on this memorable blend that, henceforth, would be engrained in their hearts, they placed their wedding rings.

Sealing their vows with a dramatic dip-kiss at the end of the aisle, the couple, followed by the bridal train, made their way back into the plantation house to legally etch their names on the marriage license. These imprints of their shared promise formed a beautiful canvas of love leading towards an extraordinary future.

Ray of Light

As evening approached, with the sun coloring the horizon in hues of vibrant gold, the couple, cocooned in a delicate sheath of floral lace, presented a vision of eternal love. Strolling along the coral rock shoreline, they reveled in the fleeting moments of daylight, their joy reflected in the changing colors of the sky, blushes of purple, orange and pink. These colors reminiscent of Kelsey’s vivacious bouquet. As they enjoyed the rare pleasure of standing on the Olowalu Landing, I created a memorable frame of the couple set against the backdrop of the former coconut grove plantation and Olowalu Sugar Co. with majestic mountain ranges behind. 

Get Into the Groove

The reception was lively. Guests were welcomed with delectable appetizers courtesy of Café O’lei and warmed by island-themed cocktails. Adding to the ambiance, Joe from Next Level Entertainment curated a selection of local Hawaiian melodies. The stylish entrance of the newlyweds, accentuated by designer sunglasses, added a celebrity quotient to the joyous event and onto the dance floor. The first dance was an intimate sight not soon forgotten. Heartfelt toasts by tear-filled parents and friends, neon signs radiating magical whispers, and journeys spanning over 4,181 miles made by supporters to witness their union, all contributed to the emotional grandeur of the occasion. Invoking the infectious song energy of “Do you remember…the 21st night of,” the dancing commenced in high spirits after I captured a beloved group wedding photo. The groomsmen were sporting custom Hawaiian shirts in honor of the groom, while enthusiastically dancing with the couple to the familiar lyrics of Morgan Wallen. The celebration wrapped up with a satisfying cool-down courtesy of desserts by Breakwall Shave Ice. Kelsey, William and all their loved ones truly orchestrated a holiday to remember. 

Thank You,

William and Kelsey for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! I can honestly say that it was effortless working with you both. You were both so enthusiastic and photo-ready at each and every moment. I love the carefree attitude you both have with just going with the flow, as long as you're together, magic happens. Everything about this day was beautiful. The weather, the food, the sunset, the doesn't get any better than that! I look forward to working with you folks again in the future. Maui is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding anniversary! Congratulations, and best wishes on this new chapter of your journey.


Aaron Najera

Photography: Aaron Najera

Wedding Coordination: Kim & Team from Exclusive Island Weddings

DJ & Entertainment: Next Level Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty

Videography: Caleb with No Ka Oi Films

Bride & Groom Table Design: Olowalu Designs

Catering: Cafe O'lei

Shave Ice: Breakwall Shaveice

Blog written and edited by Aaron & Gail Najera