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Talynn and Enele’s love story began in the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawai’i, where their bond flourished over several years. Compelled by a longing for her Minnesotan roots, Talynn made the decision to move north – a relocation warmly embraced by Enele Scanlan. It was there, amidst the quiet serenity of Minnesota, that they began nurturing their family, welcoming their precious children. Yet, the allure of Hawai’i’s azure skies and high-reaching mountains echoed in their hearts. Yielding to this, the couple journeyed back to wed in the shadow of the majestic Haleakala and against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. As their search for a Maui wedding photographer commenced, a past client of mine, Tatiana, introduced me to her cousin, Enele. Delighted, I was warmly welcomed into their ohana.

Detailed preparations unfolded within the elegant confines of the Kama’ole Sands Condo Resort in Kihei, Hawai’i. With Donna Romero’s expert touch, the already radiant bride was transformed into a vision of beauty. Talynn’s cascading locks, elegantly pinned and adorned with delicate flowers, glowed under Romero’s deft touch. Every detail was methodically considered, as significant as Cinderella’s brilliant glass “slippah” (as said in local Hawaiian). Talynn’s ceremonial and reception shoes, strikingly displayed near her bridal gown, awaited photography on an impressive spiral staircase.

Within the bridal suite, the atmosphere buzzed with reminiscing chatter and growing anticipation for the forthcoming vows. Enele’s sisters, integral bridesmaids, joyfully recounted anecdotes about the groom. Down at Kihei Holiday Condominiums, a few blocks away, Enele and his crew were nestled in a relaxed camaraderie. His cherished companions, his sons, remained at the forefront of his mind and heart as he began to eagerly prepare for the first glimpse of his lovely bride. These shared moments with his children heightened the significance of his island-themed necktie, adding a dash of local charm to his wedding ensemble.

Magical First Glances

It was as if the mischievous demigod of Maui himself had orchestrated the first glance shared between Enele and Talynn: a sly approach, a transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and a tangible embodiment of a love profound and powerful. As Enele received a gentle tap from his stunning bride, the overcast sky broke into brilliant sunshine, heralding the couple's upcoming chapter. He recited his private vows to Talynn at this designated wedding altar before any guests arrived. The sense of joy and fulfillment that washed over Talynn was unveiled as she reciprocated her groom’s promises with her own heartfelt vows. The intimacy of this moment was further deepened down at the lower lawn, as a tearful Talynn gave her father his first glance at his little girl, now a radiant bride.

The lush carpet of meticulously tended lawns of Gather In Maui’s Restaurant staged the picture-perfect backdrop for the bridal party portraits. Complementing the bride and groom, the wedding entourage consisted of finely dressed loved ones in a pleasingly graceful and stylish natural palette. This rare privacy away from the guests, was requested by the bride, so as to capture the raw emotions amongst themselves. Gradually, the venue became alive with the arrival of eagerly waiting family and friends, and the wedding ceremony was set to commence.

To Gather Together

Upon the wedding knoll, attendees paused a moment at the Welcome table paying tribute to the couple's dearly departed loved ones, symbolized by mini rocking chairs. The sorrowful absence of these beloved individuals was palpable on this momentous occasion. The honor and responsibility of officiating was given to Uncle Bodi, a relative of the groom. Concluding the ceremony, a shower of petals sprinkled down upon the newly christened Mr. and Mrs. Enele Scanlan amidst joyous cheers from their guests.

Manifestation of Love

We took full advantage of the gorgeous landscape that Gather In Maui’s Restaurant had to offer for their Maui bridal photoshoot. The couple’s grand exit was in Enele’s Uncle’s treasured vintage Porsche — a nostalgic element incorporated into the Maui Wedding Photos. With their united hands raised in celebration, the newlyweds rode off into the Maui sunset during the golden hour, a lively and festive reception awaiting their arrival.

The Grand Reception

Upon reaching the Kihei Community Center, I was privy to the couple’s dramatic entrance, the engine of the vintage Porsche announcing their arrival. Their bridal party led the entrance procession, escorting the couple to join a hall teeming with ohana (family) and friends, and ono (delicious) culinary delights. A night of relentless dancing ensued, with a spontaneous moment where both fathers of the bride and groom stole a moment on the dance floor. The night was completed with the enthusiastic cake cutting, or rather, cake smashing, saved for the concluding act of their celebration.

Thank you!

Enele & Taylnn, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to capture your wedding day. Although we spent more of our time getting to know each other through emails, it felt like I was working amongst friends on your wedding day. You and your bridal party were so effortless and they had the best vibes to create such a fun atmosphere to work in. Your friends and family were so hospitable and made sure that my second photographer and I were taken care of. I hope that you love and cherish your photos for years to come. I look forward to working with you folks in the future.


Aaron Najera

Local Vendors:

Wedding Photographer: Aaron Najera Photography

Venue: Gather In Maui (Formally Gannon's Wailea)

HMUA: Donna Romero Beauty