Love has no limits.

Although I had only met the future bride and groom on Zoom a month before their wedding date, there was still ample time to get together for their engagement shoot. This session allowed for Erick & Tiara to break the ice with me as we followed their small dog on the trails throughout Honolua Forest. Erick & Tiara have so much love to offer that it continues to extend out towards their dog-baby, of course he joined in on the shoot.

Secret exchanges in a secluded location.

Upon arrival at this secluded dense tropical forest, the dark greens from the abundance of local plants and trees can appear to feel narrow and enclosed. However, as the sunlight hangs brightly over the canopies, gorgeous light shines down and runs through, highlighting and creating shadows continuously in every direction you look. We enjoyed our minimal hike as I captured the secret exchanges of affection that the couple expressed.