wedding venue the hui noeau during a morning rain storm

Plans Can Change

The plan was to have a beautiful, outdoor wedding ceremony at 10:30am. The weather changed those plans. Growing up on Maui, Elle is no stranger to the fickle upcountry weather. If anything, I believe Kila & Elle welcomed the rain as it is a commonly held belief that it is a blessing to have rain on your wedding day. Regardless, Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center was kind enough to allow the wedding ceremony to be moved inside as the rain and wind swept through the property, ushering everything inside.

Love is Constant

The bride arrived on time and according to the original plan. The weather continued to remain unpredictable as heavy rain showers passed through. While waiting for the rain to stop, the bride and her mother spent a few more priceless moments together underneath the driveway covering. As soon as the rain let up, the bride and her Mother enjoyed their stroll together as they made their way to the ceremony. Ceremony locations may have changed, but the bride's love and anticipation remained the same. Elle greeted her parents and began her long anticipated walk down the aisle.

young bride looking down the aisle toward her groom at a wedding in maui hawaii
Groom looking at bride during wedding maui hawaii

Up Close & Cozy

Family and friends arrived at the ceremony, according to the original plan. The wet weather helped provide an intimate and cozy atmosphere as everyone focused on the beautiful exchange of vows, rings and lives, set to the tune of the pitter patter of rain on the roof above.

wedding ceremony inside the hui noeau during the morning maui hawaii

Change Creates Moments

The bride & groom continued on, according to their original plan, with taking bride and groom portraits out on the lower garden. The unexpected weather caused the trees and plants to come alive with that enticing morning rain. As we walked through the garden, rain continued to softly fall around the newlyweds allowing unplanned special moments to be captured. Wedding plans are common to change, however, those changes can bring forth beautiful moments that are cherished forever.

Charmed By Rain

As we continued to make our way through the garden, there was a specific moment during our session when the sun hit the rain at a certain angle, transforming them into crystal droplets lit up with the sunlight. Elle & Kila were standing underneath a stone archway. I immediately directed them to put their foreheads together and just breathe in the moment. I was able to capture the image above. This image captures an exchange of breath, representing their new life and commitment between bride and groom. All the while, rain simultaneously fell down as an act of exchange between water and life within the plants and trees.

Thank You

Elle & Kila, I will forever remember this experience. I remember driving upcountry, seeing the weather, and wondering to myself how this would all play out. I prayed and I knew that God was up to something, though things may not go according to plan, you both were so flexible, and you didn't let the rain dampen your attitudes. I hope that these photos leave lasting memories in your hearts and help you experience this day all over again. Thank you for trusting me! - Aaron Najera